I have aphantasia

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It wasn’t until last week that I found out my brain is wired differently than most.  I was listening a CBC’s Quirks and Quarks podcast. They way they were describing mental images was completely foreign to me. I asked Barb about and she (and apparently most people) can actually see visual images when they close their eyes. I can’t. The best I get is fleeting vague grey shapes. I do create mental constructs. I can tell you what my teenage bedroom was like. I can draw a map or a picture of it. If I go to Photoshop and can pick out the colour of my bed. But, I can definitely NOT close my eyes and create a visual image of it. Up until last week that is how I thought everybody was.

Now that i think about, can hear music in my head, but not other sounds or smells or textures.  Can other people?  I’d be interested to read people’s comments.

2 thoughts on “I have aphantasia

  1. Janet

    Wow. That is really interesting. I see images and hear sounds, etc. Perfectly normal, at least to my knowledge. But Ashlynn found out in college that when she reads she doesn’t ‘see’ the story in her head like other people do. She was advised to begin reading graphic novels or comic book to try to build that ability. She has never really enjoyed reading, and I can now see why.

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